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Shoreline Sports Foundation

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-SSF Leadership-

the goal

SSF's ultimate goal is to shape local youth-culture to become more socially connected and engaged in healthy activities. SSF leaders and athletes work together to create opportunities for their peers to have a healthy community. Leveraging the 50 enrichment events per year as a spring board, they seek to fill what we believe has become the most critical need for youth, healthy relationships.

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We have a crown as our logo because we believe every youth should be treated like royalty, in both the way we value our athletes and in how we expect them to use their influence to shape the world around us.



"Shoreline Sports Foundation is a tidal wave of positivity sweeping through this community."
-Emily Gallagher, Board Member and volunteer

"I really owe a lot to SSF for getting me through one of the hardest times of my life. I abosutely love what they do for our community and I am so lucky to have been a part of it."
-Abby Seliga, Student Leader 2015-17

"I've made so many new friends, I've made so many bonds and connections, through SSF. Whether it's through the leaders or just helping out in the community. Everything from from building houses to coaching basketball teams, it's really a great opportunity to get involved in the community."
-Malcolm Rosier-Butler, Student Leader 2015-17, SSF Coach & Basketball Director

"I was surrounded by all these wonderful people and we all had a similar goals: to grow as individuals and become leaders in our community." 
-Jake Silver, SSF Student Leader President 2016-17

"All the leaders and all the staff members have just rallied around me. It became something I couldn't picture myself not being a part of because they have made such a wonderful impact in my life and built a community around me."
-Skyler Frasier, SSF Volunteer

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Shoreline Sports Foundation

Shoreline Sports Foundation is a local nonprofit organization focused on building community through athletics.

Since September of 2014, we've grown to serve 1,000 youth per year in more than 50 local schools. Our activities bring them all together into one community, serving the Shoreline area and beyond.

We are committed to empowering youth while building a healthy culture and diverse community. We accomplish this by offering leadership training for youth, great sporting opportunities and fun community-building events. This powerful combination impacts both the character of our youth and the well being of our region.

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