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Shoreline Sports Foundation's Leadership Program

Fall 2020 Leadership Retreat- First time getting back all together since the pandemic started!

Apply for 2021-2022 Leadership!

Do you like being around cool people who care about each other, their community, and are generally up to something awesome and inspiring?

  • If you said yes to the above question, we'd love to have you apply for the Leadership Team

  • We're looking for new:

  • SSF has crafted a multi-generational waterfall of leaders who pour into one another and out into our communities through intentional events, service, and leadership opportunities.

  • For the 2021-2022 program year we will focus on connecting with one another in meaningful ways and getting back to our normal program rhythms.

Applications (below) are due June 30th

Want to apply or have questions? Email

2021-2022 Happenings

2021-2022 planning is underway! Stay tuned for our line up of events coming your way in our next program year. 

Email Karlie with inquiries on the application process or to get connected to SSF Events: 

Spring 2021 Leadership Retreat

Summer 2017 Special Olympics Service Trip

Student Leadership Winter Retreat 2020

Fall 2020 Retreat

empowering youth

We believe that SSF Leaders are able to be successful because they are welcomed into a multigenerational mentoring community that we've come to call, "The Waterfall."

Leaders are at their best when they are surrounded by a supportive community that calls them to action. In SSF, adults pour into YAKs (young adult coaches). YAKs pour into Student Leaders. Student Leaders pour into Jr Student Leaders. All leaders pour into their peers through relationships and Enrichment Events. Every event we put on has multiple generations of leadership present.

The Waterfall is at the core of our leadership community and gives us the essential resources needed to reach out and serve others.

Why Student Leadership?

SSF makes a difference by providing training for dozens of young leaders who design and execute community building events

Youth have incredible energy and growing skill sets that they love using to serve their communities. Unfortunately, many youth are consumed by entertainment and trivial tasks, leaving them feeling hollow. Many youth report being desperate for lives of purpose and responsibility.

Empowering student leaders is a core part of the Foundation's mission. Student Leaders are challenged to grow in a character of integrity, learn cross cultural communication skills and take on meaningful roles of caring for their peers. 

 Here, they are handed real opportunities to coach teams, lead adventures, and design events. These services provide both a valuable service to the community and real world experience for the bright young leaders.


"Having moved to Seattle from a small town my freshman year in high school, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but SSF gave me a little community within our larger one that felt like home. The other student leaders welcomed me and the young adults empowered me to be a leader and follow my passion for service. From check-ins over coffee about my individual goals, to group planning sessions and events, I felt heard, loved, and like I could truly make a difference. I am forever grateful for the community I found in SSF and for opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself."
-Shelby Gresch, SSF Student Leader President 2017-18

"SSF gave me the opportunity to improve my leadership skills by running basketball camps and running basketball night. Being a part of SSF also gave me a community of people who support me unconditionally."
-Steven Lin, Student Leader 2015-17

"SSF has stood by me as a community of dedicated and passionate individuals who inspire my life not only in service, but also through athletics and academics. When I needed to break through my shell, SSF provided the space and time to develop my own character and relationships along this journey."
-Isabel Angulo, Student Leader 2016-present

Meet our Student Leaders

Karlie Stein

Shoreline Sports Foundation

Phone: 425-772-5097

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