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SSF Enrichment Events

We believe that every youth deserves a place to belong.

The SSF Leadership Team puts on over 50, community-building events per year, for roughly 1000 youth annually. Each event is strategically planned to connect our diverse region. 

Our mission of building community through athletics is largely lived out in the day to day relationships that we foster.  The core group of SSF Leaders and athletes are trained to design and execute our events in a manner that forges personal relationships across cultural lines. This core group of SSF leaders are trained to not only lead by example, but to take action in building the kind of world they would like to live in.

The SSF Leadership team has a two-fold benefit. They are not only being taught to fish, they are using those skills right now, to address the urgent issues facing youth across our city.

2019-2020 Enrichment Event Schedule

Hello Leadership Family,

Just wanting to write you an update on what the leadership program is going to look like through the end of April(through the school closures).

We will not be hosting our next 2 basketball nights or taking back Friday events or April student leadership meeting in conjunction with the school cancellations. We will keep you posted on when we will be re-upping. Things are uncertain and in flux and we will do our best to communicate amidst the unknown. 

In the words of one of my favorite authors and speakers: 

"Conversations will not be cancelled.

Relationships will not be cancelled. 

Love will not be cancelled. 

Songs will not be cancelled.

Reading will not be cancelled. 

Self-Care will not be cancelled. 

Hope will not be cancelled. 

May we lean into the good stuff that remains." 

-Jamie Tworkowski

Let's use this as a time to consider the other in our actions, be on the look out for and support the vulnerable, and take care of ourselves as well. 

Let me know if there is ANY way I can support you or your family in this season. 

Let's kick this thing in the butt together and come out stronger on the other side of things. 

Much love to all of you! 

Happy Hand Washing and Checking in on Your People, 

Karlie and the Leadership Team


Contact for all questions



Read further about the theory behind our different types of events:

SSF Center - SSF has a new home, which provides 7,000 sq. ft to host in, on a weekly basis.

Service - Building lifelong habits of empathy and service in our youth.

Basketball Night - Providing a fun, safe and welcoming place for teenagers on Saturday nights. Basketball Nights are the front door to our supportive network of leaders.

Outdoor Adventures - Getting out into the incredible scenery of the Northwest. We hope to ignite a love for the outdoors and foster deeper relationships amongst our youth at the same time.

3 on 3 tournaments - SSF is schedule to host several 3 on 3 tournaments over the upcoming year. Each tournament is held in honor of a local non profit, which will receive a percentage of the revenue from the event and give a presentation on their services to kick off the night.

Taking Back Fridays - Middle schoolers are invited out to Friday-night parties at the SSF center, which are designed and hosted by the Jr. Student Leader program. We hope every youth in the community knows they have a place to belong on the weekends.


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