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SSF Service Events

Building lifelong habits of empathy and service in our youth.


Many youth long for lives of purpose and close relationships. We believe that serving alongside others may be the most effective way to accomplish both of these fundamental desires.

In light of this, serving our community is an irreplaceable part of being an SSF athlete. The SSF Leadership team organizes service events throughout the year and are all champions of service in their own school community.

Please check the list of upcoming events  or connect with an SSF Leader to get connected to a service oriented community.


Serve the City 2017

Serve the City 2016

Serve the City 2016

Serve the City 2016

Skyler keeping everything in order

Mother's Night Out

Serve the City 2016

Ronald McDonald House clean-up crew

Sledge Hammers are fun (Simon Acker gutting the old Sugars strip club on Aurrora)

Spartan Basketball Team at Mary's Place

Basketball Players from rival schools serving together at Mary's Place

Mother's Night Out

Pizza for Student Leader after finishing "Young Ballers Camp"

Mother's Night Out

Kira Wood making friends

Cleaning Ronald McDonald House for long term patients at Seattle Children's

Serve the City 2016

Student Leaders at Mary's Place

Student Leader Vice President Eddie Peabody hard at work


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