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Foundation Basketball

Competitive basketball designed to inspire youth as athletes and people of character.

Fall/Winter Basketball Opportunities!!!

Winter Basketball Opportunities

Register for Shorewood Girls,  Shorecrest GirlsRoosevelt Girls, and Shorecrest Boys 5th-8th grade feeder teams!

Fall Training Available! Click Here for Basketball Training Information

Foundation Basketball is a developmentally focused program for boys and girls 5-18. We provide teams, camps and uniquely designed skills clinics.

Taking a long-term approach with our players, we focus on 4 main avenues across our basketball programs. 

  1. Relationships First - SSF's Board of Directors has set our organizations primary focus on Empowering Youth. On the court, this looks like striving to do build a program that uses sports to build youth, not the other way around.
  2. Individual Development - Our great network of trainers strives to help each athlete overachieve on an individual level.
  3. Competing as a Team - We go to great lengths to build teams that learn to win together
  4. Citizenship - Each of our athletes are invited to service events throughout the year, organized by SSF's Leadership Program.


"We love coach Karlie. Love, love, love, love her!"
-Kristi Lin, Board member and team parent

"Of the dozens of coaches I've had over the years, Keith's ability to connect and create strong relationships with his players is unique.  This, combined with his excellent understanding of the game of basketball, are what make him one of the best coaches I've played for."
-Keith Shattuck.  University of Puget Sound Shooting Guard

"My daughter will listen to anything Mike has to say! If Mike says it, it's amazing. We love coach Mike."
-Lori Trull, team parent

"When I think of ways Keith helped me prepare for college basketball, one way stands out very clearly; Keith always challenged me to not play down to my peers. Specifically on defense. Most of the time Keith was hard on me because I didn't give good overall effort. Coach Keith also helped me become a better leader for teammates. Vocally and, more importantly, by example. Both have translated well to college practices."
-Jr. Chibuogwu. Seattle University small forward

"Keith is one of the smartest and hardest working coaches you will ever find. He was an amazing influence in my life and really helped me understand how to be the best player I can be." 
-Conin Oishi. Willamette Univsersity point guard

Why Choose Foundation Basketball?

Results: Foundation Basketball coaches have a long history of developing players from grade school - college

Local: Save valuable time and money with less drive time

Fundamentals: We are focused on preparing players with the foundation necessary to play at the next level

Positive Coaching: Our coaches work together to share their collective wealth of playing and coaching experience

Holistic: While focused on level of play, our coaches teach the importance of character to being a good teammate

Love of the game: In taking a long term approach, one of our goals is that players develop a life-long love of the game of basketball

Healthy best practices: We focus on proper warm-ups to lower the risk of injury and teach kids how to prepare to play

Karlie Stein - Executive Director

  • Basketball and Track at Westmont College in Santa Barbara.
  • Two-time track and field collegiate All-American.
  •  National Champion with two Fab Four Appearances, Basketball.
  • Captain of Westmont Basketball Team.
  • One of 10 U.S. female college student athletes, across all divisions, chosen for the 2015-2016 WBCA All State Good Works Team for her work in the community.
  • Spearheaded service trip to Uganda to develop community outreach through sports.
  • Ran sports camps for Run To Win outreach summers 2014-2016.
  • Self proclaimed expert in music lyric philosophy.

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Director's Phone Number: Karlie 425-772-5097