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Our Story

Shoreline Sports Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is committed to building community through athletics.

We do this by empowering a large team of coaches and leaders to engage the youth in their community through positive sporting opportunities and strategically designed Enrichment Events.

Our coaches and leaders put great effort into personally connecting with all participants to ensure we are living out our desire to build a healthy and diverse community. In return, we get to see our youth develop healthy relationships and a lifelong love of healthy, active lifestyles.

"SSF is committed to giving kids healthy, active learning opportunities that help them connect with others in the community. We believe the result will be more engaged young people, who want to give back to their community."

-Dick Shoemaker, Shoreline Sports Foundation co-founder


Shoreline Sports Foundation was founded by a small group of coaches and parents in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. Each of the board members and staff have been actively involved for several years in both youth sports and serving their communities. They shared a common understanding that sports is a powerful  vehicle to build a healthier community. 

In September of 2014, Shoreline Sports Foundation was officially formed. These members of the community molded their lifestyle of coaching and service into a 501c3 Non profit organization.

Since then, Shoreline Sports Foundation has experienced rapid growth in the number of families it serves and in the depth of relationships those families experience

Shoreline Sports Foundation is committed to investing in great leaders who can provide these experiences for youth in our region.

Thank you for your interest in Shoreline Sports Foundation.


Cari Armbruster - Board Chair

Malcolm Rosier-Butler- Executive Director

Emily Gallagher - Former Board of Directors

Matt Santay (and Harper) - Former Director of Sports and Social Engagement

Chad Wichers - Board of Directors

Erich Armbruster - Board of Directors

Erik Evans - Board of Directors

Kristi Lin - Former Board of Directors

Steve Lee - Basketball Committee and Former Board of Directors

Jill Riemer (Far Left) - Board of Directors

Lori Trull - Executive Assistant

Maggie Plater - Board of Directors

Keith and Lisa Nelson - Co-Founder / Former Executive Director

Karlie Stein - Former Executive Director